Our companies
EZ-Probate is an online financial planner that allows individuals to probate an estate without an attorney. They were acquired in 2022 by Trust & Will, a $170M financial services company.
Benchmark Space Systems is building a low-cost propulsion system for the rapidly growing small satellite market. Our system uses a non-toxic, inert chemical that is safe to transport and store, making it attractive to a range of customers.
CoreMap has a patented breakthrough technology for the mapping of atrial fibrillation (AF) to enable a curative therapy. 24M patients suffer from permanent AF with a US healthcare spend of $26B annually.
HandsDown is a social discovery platform where consumers can find interesting products, services, books, movies, podcasts and more, straight from the people they know, trust and love. It is an intimate experience where brands can engage with and reward their top brand champions, tell their own stories, and recruit new customers in an authentic way.
Accufix has developed a patented, FDA-approved, replaceable joint preserving implant system designed as a better alternative to existing bone fusion surgeries and existing inferior implants, starting with toes and potentially moving to fingers.
Baton Market is building the Zillow for SMBs. Their mission is to empower small business owners to get paid for their life’s work. Baton is the first true two-sided marketplace for the 32M American small businesses and potential buyers.
We host our syndicate on AngelList.